Amazon Quiz 21 March 2019 Answers Today – Win Montra Helicon Bicycle

Amazon April Quiz Answers – 6 Month’s Free Shopping (17th April)

1) In Italy, France, Belgium & Canada, April 1 is called ‘April fish’ & includes trying to attach a paper fish to the victim’s back without being noticed

Answer: True

2) 14th April is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Independent India’s first law minister. What was his name?

Answer: B. R. Ambedkar

3) April 17th is also celebrated as the day to stop procrastinating, dust off resolutions and making another start at them. What is the day called?

Answer: Blah Blah Day

4) The April Lyrids last from April 16 to April 26 each year. What are they?

Answer: A meteor shower

5) Which of these is a western zodiac sign associated with April?

Answer: Aries

Amazon Cricket Quiz Today Questions & Answers (15 April)

1) The Indian cricket team played its first T20 International match in 2006. Who was the India team captain?

Answer: Virendar Sehwag

2) In the context of cricket what does LBW stand for?

Answer: Leg before wicket

3) In a T-20 match, a batsman is not allowed to bat after scoring a double century

Answer: False

4) In the context of a T20 match, what is a ‘Super Over’?

Answer: A Tie-breaking method used in limited overs cricket matches

5) In a T20 match, what is the maximum number of overs each team bats for?

Answer: 20

6) Which of these countries does NOT host Twenty20 domestic competitions?

Answer: Narnia

7) What would Alexa reply if you ask ‘Alexa, what is the score?’ ?

Answer: She will tell you the latest score

Amazon Quiz Contest Today – Myth Buster (13 April)

Amazon Myth Buster quiz Answers today

1) You can use your ATM card to make online payments on

Answer: True

2) What will the Amazon delivery agent do if you pay online in advance but are not at home to receive your package?

Answer: Return later to deliver your package

3) Which of the following can you NOT do if you pay online but decide to return your return-eligible order after delivery?

Answer: Telepathically order a replacement

4) When you make a purchase with a ‘No Cost EMI’ on, which of the following would NOT be true about the transaction?

Answer: Free smartphone with every purchase

5) Amazon ensures your online payments are secure through all of these ways EXCEPT

Answer: Magical ninjas protect your personal information

Amazon Recharges Quiz Answers Today (12 April)

Amazon quiz Answers today April 2018

1) You can recharge your prepaid mobile number on

Answer: True

2) What is the current cashback offer for prepaid mobile recharges on

Answer: Flat 50% cashback up to Rs.50

3) The cashback offer on mobile recharges is applicable on which payment methods?

Answer: Netbanking, Credit/Debit cards and Amazon Pay balance

4) How long does it take for the cashback to get processed on mobile recharges?

Answer: 3 days

5) The cashback will be received in which form?

Answer: Amazon pay balance

Amazon Blue Star Quiz Today Questions & Answers

1) Which of these can a water purifier NOT do?

Answer: Clean your cupboard

2) How many stages of purification does the Blue Star Majesto RO+UV water purifier provide?

Answer: 6 stages

3) The Blue Star Majesto water purifier uses which of these to enhance the taste of purified water?

Answer: Aqua Taste Boosters (ATB)

4) Blue Star Majesto also comes with the _____ lock function. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Child

5) How much water is the average adult human body made up of?

Answer: 50-65% water

Amazon Ultimate Ears Speaker Quiz Today (11 April)

1) The entire range of Ultimate Ears speakers does NOT have which of the following features?

Answer: Daily astrology predictions

2) The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker can be immersed in a pool.

Answer: True

3) What is the maximum battery life of Ultimate Ears megaboom wireless bluetooth speakers?

Answer: 20 hours

4) How many Bluetooth enabled source devices can be paired with Ultimate Ears Wonderboom?

Answer: 8

5) Which of these speakers do NOT offer 360 degree sound?

Answer: Tweeters

Amazon Lakme Quiz Today Answers (10 April)

1) Which of these is a prestigious event that Lakme is the title sponsor for?

Answer: Lakme Fashion Week

2) Which of these is a range of office-friendly make-up by Lakme?

Answer: 9 to 5

3) Which range of Lakme products are Caramel Custard, Pink Tint and Mauve-it associated with?

Answer: Lipsticks

4) Lakme was India’s first cosmetic company to introduce a range of make-up specially for Indian women

Answer: True

5) Which of the following actress is associated with Lakme?

Answer: Kareena Kapoor

Amazon Summer Quiz Time Answer Today (9 April)

1) Which of these popular summer retreats also produces a world renowned variety of tea that goes by its name?

Ans: Darjeeling

2) What is unique about the summer solstice?

Ans: It is the longest day of the year

3) It is important to stay hydrated in the summer heat, because the average adult human body is made up of:

Ans: 50-65% water

4) Which of these is a Lipton drink that helps you stay hydrated?

Ans: Lipton Green Tea

5) Which of the following is NOT a benefit of drinking Lipton green tea?

Ans: Charges your smartphone battery

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers Today (8 April)

1) In a T20 match, no more than __ fielders can be on the leg side at any time. Fill in the blank.

Answer: 5

2) Which countries played in the first men’s Twenty20 international ever played?

Answer: Australia and New Zealand

3) In the context of cricket what is a ‘Timed out’?

Answer: A dismissal that occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to play in 90 seconds

4) Which of these is NOT a method of dismissal in cricket?

Answer: Winking

5) In a T20 match, after the first six overs a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle.

Answer: True

6) Alexa can provide you the latest statistics for cricket players

Answer: True

7) Alexa can book tickets to the home matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Answer: True

Amazon Quiz Answers Today – Cricket Quiz (7 April)

1) In a full, uninterrupted T20 match, each bowler may bowl a max. of __ overs per innings?

Answer: 4

2) In a Super Over, which team bats first?

Answer: The team which batted second in the match

3) In cricket, what does the term Skipper refer to?

Answer: The team captain

4) In the context of cricket, what does T20 stand for?

Answer: Twenty-20 cricket

5) In T20 international matches, which batsman holds the record for most runs off of one over?

Answer: Yuvraj Singh

6) What would Alexa reply if you ask ‘Alexa, which cricket teams are playing today’

Answer: Tell you the names of the teams playing that day

7) What can Alexa NOT tell you about a cricket match?

Answer: Predict the outcome before the match

Amazon Vivo V9 Quiz Answers Today (5 April)

1) What’s the aspect ratio of the Vivo V9’s display?

Answer: 19:9 FullView Display

2) What’s the resolution of Vivo V9’s selfie camera?

Answer: 24MP

3) Vivo is the title Sponsor of IPL 2018.

Answer: True

4) Which of these celebrities is currently associated with the brand Vivo?

Answer: Aamir Khan

5) Which of these is NOT a feature of the Vivo V9?

Answer: Lunar panels

Amazon Super Value Day Quiz Today Answers (2 April)

1) Shopping on Super Value Day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies & more. What is the maximum cashback you can avail?

Answer: Rs. 1200

2) How often does Super Value Day cashback event take place?

Answer: 1st, 2nd and 3rd of every month

3) Which of the following would NOT be eligible for the Super Value Day cashback offer?

Answer: UFO saucer

4) Which bank’s credit or debit card is eligible for additional cashback on shopping from Super Value Day?

Answer: ICICI Bank

5) After the order is dispatched, how long does it take for the Super Value Day cashback to be credited to customer’s account?

Answer: 72 hours

Amazon Riddles Quiz Contest Answers Today (1 April)

1) I have a head and a tail but no body. What am I?

Answer: A coin

2) I can be made, played, cracked and told. What am I?

Answer: A joke

3) I come once in a year, twice in a week but never in a day. What am I?

Answer: The letter E

4) I wax, I wane. I am full about every 29.5 days . What am I?

Answer: The Moon

5) I am red. Phobos and Deimos keep me company. Who am I?

Answer: Mars

6) I am the smallest, the hottest and the first in a line of 8. Who am I?

Answer: Mercury

7) I was famously demoted in 2006 and inspired the American Dialect Society’s 2006 Word of the Year. Who am I?

Answer: Pluto, the word of the year was ‘plutoed’

Amazon Kindle Lite Quiz Today Answers (31 March)

1) What is the download size of the Amazon Kindle Lite listed on the Google Play Store?

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      It’s totally based on luck. If you are lucky, then you may win prizes by playing Amazon quiz.

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    Winners are based on luck only and amount of 30% is deducted for commission and taxes. I won once a lakh rupees but got only 70000. But I had to submit my documents for verification. Winners are notified in their mail IDs and have to wait a long time but you will receive if you are a winner after verification. I played by paying 5000 cash in my wallet. It’s was part of game rules then. Load and win !

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