Amazon Quiz 21 March 2019 Answers Today – Win Montra Helicon Bicycle

Today’s Amazon Quiz answers for 31 December 2018

1) Which is the only sea in the world without any coasts?

Ans: Sargasso Sea

2) Along with Spain and France, which is the only other country to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines?

Ans: Morocco

3) Which of the following superheroes was NOT a founding member of the X-Men?

Ans: wolverine

4) If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?

Ans: Maps

5) Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?

Ans: Mount Chimborazo

Amazon 17th September Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the ‘bokeh’ effect in photography?

Answer – An aesthetic blur produced in the out of focus parts of an image

Q2. What is the medical term for the feeling you get when you scrape your nails across a chalkboard?

Answer – Haptodysphoria

Q3. If you were hiking the Incan trail you would end up at ___?

Answer – Macchu Picchu

Q4. Where in the human body is the occiput?

Answer – Head

Q5. ‘Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me thy ears’ is the first line of speech given by which character in the play Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare?

Answer – Mark Antony

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Quiz Answers

1. The name for which type of pants originated in Genoa, Italy?

Answer. JEANS

2. Which bank has become the first bank in India to introduce Iris Scan Authentication for Aadhaar-based transactions through its micro ATMs?


3. Saturn has a total of 62 moons, the largest one being larger than the planet of Mercury. What is its name?

Answer. TITAN

4. The movie ‘Taare Zamin Par’ was inspired by the biography of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

Answer. TRUE

5. Which city recently hosted the 11th World Hindi Conference (WHC) 2018?


Amazon Vivo Nex Quiz Answers (20 August 2018)

1) Which of the following is the official language in Argentina? Spanish

2) In which year did Atal Bihari Vajpayee become India’s prime minister for first time? 1996

3) Which of these actors played on-screen father to their real father? Abhishek Bachchan

4) Strings’ – a band which became famous for songs like ‘Duur’ and ‘Anjane Kyon’ is from which country? Pakistan

5) The ‘Postal Highway Project’, for which Government of India is providing financial support, is located in which country? Nepal

Amazon Bose Soundlink Revolve Quiz Answers

1) What is Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’? A hurricane

2) When did the Apple iPhone first become available? 2007

3) In what year was the Nipah virus first identified? 1999

4) In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which team won all three group games without conceding a single goal? Uruguay

5) The Halley’s comet orbits the sun every 75-76 years. When will it be visible next from earth? 2061

Amazon Quiz Answers Today- Win PlayStation 4 Pro

1) The Fashion designer Coco Chanel hails from which country?

Ans: France

2) Who was the leader of North Korea before Kim Jong-un?

Ans: Kim Jong-il

3) What was author Mark Twain’s real name?

Ans: Samuel Langhorne Clemens

4) True or False: Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil

Ans: False

5) In context to fashion, what is a ‘fedora’?

Ans: A type of headwear

33 thoughts on “Amazon Quiz 21 March 2019 Answers Today – Win Montra Helicon Bicycle

    • Admin says:

      It’s totally based on luck. If you are lucky, then you may win prizes by playing Amazon quiz.

      And results are not published yet for the Amazon quizes I played.. hoping something to win.

  1. Sarita says:

    Fake fake i already try and winner announced me but amazon balance not coming for my acount. Amazon why our time west.

  2. Shahnawaz says:

    I won samsung galaxy a8+ in 17th january quiz and winner announcements on 29 February but when i try to contact amazon they are telling wait for our email now till 4 april i didnt get any mail or call

  3. Aaron Sharma says:

    Winners are based on luck only and amount of 30% is deducted for commission and taxes. I won once a lakh rupees but got only 70000. But I had to submit my documents for verification. Winners are notified in their mail IDs and have to wait a long time but you will receive if you are a winner after verification. I played by paying 5000 cash in my wallet. It’s was part of game rules then. Load and win !

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